OpenERP outsourcing

OpenERP Outsourcing in India is now easy. Now our experienced team will helpful to do these jobs for you at affordable price. Also keep on read how we do this for you in more details and how ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) going to help for your own ventures.

Whom to this OpenERP?

If you have your own venture in online, then you are in right place. In many cases, to handle the bulk amount of projects is tedious task. To do this hassle free, the Open ERP software will helps to do this in easy way.

Open ERP Outsource

They are many advantages while using this software, all of the work has been done in same place.

a) User friendly

b) We can integerate with existing ecommerce platform.



What is openERP?

In simple words, OpenERP is standalone application that runs on postgresql database and we can manage many online ecommerce platform like Magento, osCommerce, 3rd party integrations also.

Check this below video to demonstrate about ERP

What we will Provide about OpenERP for you?

We will install the OpenERP on any of the following Operating system like windows, linux, or macintosh  or any server for your company.

We have a readymade set of database, and we will check with your openerp software in easy manner and provide a good solution for our clients.

OpenERP integeration

We will integrate your ERP software with any ecommerce platform. Some of the ecommerce which we did as below:

osCommerce to OpenERP integration.

Magento to OpenERP integration.

PrestaShop to OpenERP integration.

Zen Cart to Open ERP integration.

OpenCart to OpenERP integration.

Get in touch with us about your OpenERP project and Sitback and relax. We will deliver your project in on time.

If you need any help or to start a Open ERP then don’t hesitate to contact us

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